The Stoned Channel Drug Test

Hilarious 90s Romp

The Stoned Channel Drug Test takes us back to the dawn of marijuana legalization, in the early 1990s, when presidential addresses by George Bush and Ron and Nancy Reagan (“Just Say ‘No’!”) were still fresh in the minds of America’s business leaders, whose drug tests went mostly unchallenged… until now!

Featuring his wildly popular and outrageously hilarious early viral YouTube hit, “The Reagans Speak Out On Drugs” along with new “speeches” by presidents George Bush, W and Clinton, filmmaker Cliff Roth weaves together a dramatic comedy about two cable-TV channels, one a comedy network that’s real and is starting drug testing; another that sells legal pot, home shopping style, in a dream inspired by Alan Ginsberg, Howard Stern, Willie Nelson, Morie Amsterdam and other TV luminaries.

The story revolves around what happens when two old buddies turned executives running a cable-TV channel find their network taken over by a conglomerate that insists on testing everyone. It’s like Chevy Chase’s “Groove Tube” meets Weird Al’s “UHF,” and this time with pot.

An original music score by San Francisco guitar legend Jeff Davis punctuates “The Stoned Channel Drug Test” with numbers like “Marijuana French Toast,” “Those Were The Bongs,” “Van Gogh Was Not A Stoner” and “Marijuana Party Time.”

Winner of the Grand Jury Award at the Berkeley International Film Festival. The Reagans short has been screened at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The AFI Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, and many more. Available from SilverTouch Studios.