The Stoned Channel Drug Test takes us back to the dawn of marijuana legalization, in the early 1990s, when presidential addresses by George Bush and Ron and Nancy Reagan (“Just Say ‘No’!”) were still fresh in the minds of America’s business leaders, whose drug tests went mostly unchallenged… until now!

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“A Feature-Length Mashup Masterpiece!”

  • Hilariously edited political speeches

    • “The Reagans Speak Out On Drugs” (the classic 90s viral meme)

    • President George HW Bush

    • Candidate Bill Clinton

    • President George “W” Bush

  • Alan Ginsberg, Howard Stern, Willie Nelson, Morie Amsterdam and other great historic TV clips

  • Original score by San Francisco music legend Jeff Davis includes

      • “Marijuana French Toast” (how-to)

      • “Van Gogh Was Not A Stoner” (high culture)

      • “Those Were The Bongs” (nostalgia)

      • “Marijuana Party Time” (feel good finale)